cake balls

Cake Balls? Just Think ‘Cake Pops without the Stick’

“Cake Balls : More Than 60 Delectable and Whimsical Sweet Spheres of Goodness” by Dede Wilson
(Harvard Common Press, 176 pages, $16.95)

Everyone has abundant room in their kitchen cookbook library, right?  Well, there’s always room for just one more eclectic cook book, isn’t there? You’ll be interested to know that ‘Cake Balls’ has just been published by Harvard Common Press.

Cake balls are small, bite-sized spheres of cake crumbs, typically coated with chocolate or cake frosting. Made by blending cake crumbs with icing, rolling them into a ball and then dipping them in a coating like melted chocolate.

Author Dede Wilson, formerly a professional baker, goes into particular detail on how to make deliciously trendy little cake balls.  These popular, tasty treats are very much like cake pops without the stick. Dede goes the extra mile to be helpful by providing details on exactly what equipment she has used to create the cake balls pictured in her beautiful little 176 page book.  You’ll also find tips on where you  can buy that equipment.