Birthday Cakes for Boys

 Popular themes for boys birthday cakes include action heroes, cartoon characters, zoo animals, dinosaurs, dragons, rocket ships, pirate ships, sports, cars and trucks, and trains.  Your imagination is the only limit. Flip through our cake image gallery if you’re looking for ideas for your boy’s upcoming birthday cake… whether you’re going to hire a professional bakery or bake the cake yourself,  you’re sure to find something he’ll love.  Our collection of cake ideas for birthdays appeal to boys of all ages. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time and plan ahead.


7 Easy Birthday Cake Recipes for Boys

  • Rocket Ship Cake
  • Mickey Cake
  • Cookie Monster Cake
  • Giant Oreo Cookie Cake
  • Easy Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Sprinkle Cake
  • Popsicle Birthday Cake